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Okay, lets make this quick purchase before I start work for the day and forget about it and miss the opportunity.

I think I remember my login...., lets go with what I think it is - I enter my details and press enter, WTF no it's gone back to the offer page, no errors. Shit, I'll try again, same thing! Okay one more attempt then forget it. This time to make sure, I click the login button instead of pressing the Enter key. What! This time it stays on the same page but nothing happens, okay just check I'm not missing something and stop to look around the page a bit. What idiot put that there?

Anchored to the bottom of the page is an error message to tell me my details are wrong. Why the hell did they put that there? My eyes are focused on the form and that's away at the bottom of the screen. Okay, what DID happen the first time, lets try that again. Okay I see now, well that's much worse. They've put the same error message at the bottom of the screen, but they've actually hidden the form and in doing this the page has jumped up showing the bottom half of my offer which was off the top of the screen previously when the form was showing. Does nobody test this stuff in the real world.

This is after attempt 1

my form disappeared, the page position jumped, and the error message is way down at the bottom

And this is after attempt 2

At least my form is still visible this time

Why doesn't pressing the enter key and clicking the Sign In button do the same thing?